It must have been a long night for this construction worker as he is still enjoying his sleep even at 8 a.m.


Entrance to the Graves

Arch to the graves
Arch to the graves

The well-manicured Madras War Cemetery on the main road at Nandambakkam is very prominent and popular. But there is much older war grave on Pallavan Salai in Park town right by the side of the flyover to Central Station. This is part of St.Mary’s Church in Fort St.George, whose on-site cemetery could not be expanded due to space and security concerns.

The Chennai Photowalk. Retro walk # 70 Bodyguard Muneeswaran

Aattu kallus on the Main Road

People in Chennai do not think twice before throwing their discards on the streets – be it garbage, abandoned furniture , construction debris, packing materials and what-not.

Recently I saw three grinding stones (the pestle part of an Aaattu kallu, used for grinding idli -dosa batter) right on the busy Rama Krishna Mutt Road opposite to Mylapore tank.

What next?


Slaying of Hiranyakashipu

Slaying of Hiranyakashipu by Narasimhamoorthy
Slaying of Hiranyakashipu by Narasimhamoorthy

At the Marundeeswarar temple, Thiruvanmiyur.

for other images of the same episode in Vishnu’s avatar, see:





Banta Srei:



Pillayar strapped?

Ma Yashoda once tied Sri Krishna to an ‘ural’ (grindstone) for his naughty pranks like stealing butter. Click here to read the story.

Now the temple management of Sree Parthasarathy temple in Triplicane has strapped Lord Ganesha with a steel band around the legs. This is on the pillar in mandapam in the front. Ganesha and other images have all been strapped with a nice steel strap, probably to support some other structure or poles. Have they thought of the damage they are causing to the sculptures and to the sentiments of the devotees?