Fishing boats

Fishing in the high seas can be quite risky, especially during the cyclone season in the Bay of Bengal.

No wonder the average fisherman in the Tamil Nadu coast is religious, sometimes subscribing to multiple denominations.

Seen early morning on the Santhome Beach Chennai.

Sony Alpha 6400, Sony E 18-135 mm at 18mm, f/7.1, 1/160, ISO 320.

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Trio at the beach

Three men exercising at Marina beach, Chennai

Closing Time


Working on reinforcement for the new tenements for the fisherfolks in Santhome. Trying to beat the setting sun.

Lock down Pastime

Flame thrower?

The Chennai city enforced a very strict lockdown for about 3 weeks. The only outside activity was a walk on the terrace. The sunset provided an intriguing sight like a flame thrower against the dish antenna receiver.

Sunset over Mylapore

Sunset over Mylapore tank
Sunset over Mylapore tank

Dusk – when the real and the unreal are indistinguishable.

Sunset over Mylapore Temple tank on a Margazhi day. No editing except for the watermark.

Happy New Year

New Dawn
New Dawn

May the New Year bring Health, Wealth, Peace and Happiness to all!

I thought I will post a typical image of  Chennai morning with the sun peeping over a temple tower.