Spot the Shopkeeper

Cluttered shop

This kiosk selling pooja articles and religious trinkets was so cluttered I could hardly see the shopkeeper.

Near Anjaneya temple, Nanganallur.

Fromn The Chennai Photowalk #145, Nanganallur

Sony A6400 with Sony E 18-135 mm F 3.5-5.6 OSS


Ganesha’s Favourite

Erukkam Poo [Crown Flower]
Erukkam Poo [Crown Flower]
Erukkam Poo or Crown flower is a shrub native to India and some other Asian Countries. It grows even in dry places. The botanical name is Calatropis Gigantea. The flower of this shrub has 5 petals and a unique crown. The flower is believed to be a favorite of Lord Ganesha. The shrub which is usually neglected suddenly gains importance during Vinayaka (Pillayar) Chathurthi.

The latex from the stems and leaves are poisonous and have been used on arrow tips.

This was spotted on the banks of River Adyar near Manapakkam during Chennai Photowalk #140.


Rise and Shine

Early bird
Early bird

The sun is just coming out, but this young lady is already at her station to sell flowers.

Most photographed?

Garland shop
Garland shop

One can not miss the flower shops in the small lane leading up to the Kapaliswarar temple, Mylapore. The colours and arrangments are so appealing that these must be the most photographed shops in this area.

Flower vendor at Koyambedu 1

Owner of a flower shop
Owner of a flower shop

The Koyamabedu Wholesale Market Complex is one of the largest market complexes for perishable goods in Asia. Inaugurated in 1996, it spreads over 296 acres of land and houses blocks for vegetables, fruits and flowers. It accommodates about 3000 shops, most which were shifted out of Chennai city’s central areas like Kothwal chavadi, flower bazaar etc., in the George Town area.

This picture is from our Photowalk on 26th March 2017 to the flower market.

The owner of a shop is seen relaxing with his account books, while the others are busy in their own activities.

147 days to Madras Day (Madras Week)

Requiem for Broadband? 

The storm Vardah affected most utilities in Chennai. Some restored the service fairly quickly while others took some time.

A leading broadband service provider was the worst affected as their services were all by overhead cables strung haphazardly over buildings, trees, and poles. In some places, services were not restored for over 5 weeks. Many thought that this was the end of the service provider. So this garland on rejected cables probably signifies a requiem for that company or for any service over overhead wires.

BTW, is there no law against tying unauthorized cables over electric poles, trees, or other public structures?

The Cherub

winged cherub on a temple roof
winged cherub on a temple roof

At Nungambakkam, Chennai.

The Chennai Photowalk.

The Garland Maker

Vasanth Kumar the garland maker of Chintadripet
Vasanth Kumar the garland maker of Chintadripet

He can make you garlands of sandal wood, cardamom, tulsi or any other material, sitting in his tiny shop near The AdiKesava Perumal temple, Chintadripet.