Double Cover

A drishti mask and a scarecrow to protect a construction site from the wrath of the evil eye.

From the T Nagar area.

During The Chennai Photowalk Retrowalk #79


Rural Setting

This typical rural scene is not very from the city. Nemam village – A suburb about 45 minutes drive from the city.

From The Chennai Photowalk

Warning! No Parking

Original warning

A no parking sign in front of a gate in Royapuram, Chennai.

From The Chennai Photowalk ; Retrowalk #77

Shot on Sony ILCE 6400 with Sony E 18-135 f 3.5-5.6 OSS

Multiple Protection

Multiple protection

This van has a crash guard and multiple drishti icons to ward off the evil eye.

Truck Art

Truck art on the windshield
Truck art on the windshield

Trucks, buses, vans and other commercial vehicles sport very interesting pictures and wordings. ‘Horn OK Please’ is universally known.

My idea is to showcase some of these graffiti here.

Drishti for the Comrades

A communist memorial
A communist memorial

I have always been curious about the various forms of artefacts displayed to ward off the evil eye (Drishti). I have been capturing some of them and presenting here.

This house which commemorates the staunch communist members of the family has images of Ganesha as well as other drishti artefacts.

Evil Eyes: Benign Eyes

The various devices to ward off the evil eye – drishti- are ubiquitous. They are on storefronts, house doors, vehicles, and machines. They are so common in Chennai that one takes them for granted. Yet, they make interesting study.

This is from a parked van somewhere in Ayanavaram.

You will see many such post in my blog elsewhere.

Street Artist

Today is Amavasai – New Moon day , considered auspicious by many. Anjalai from Mylapore is busier than usual. She paints pumpkins for sale. These pumpkins are ‘broken’ at homes and business premises to ward off evil and bring good luck .

While a pumpkin sells for 60 to 80 rupees Anjalai gets an additional 40 or 50 rupees for her painted ones.

Taken with phone camera – Redmi Note 4.

Multi-pronged protection

Multiple devices to protect from Drishti
Multiple devices to protect from Drishti

Devices to protect from the wrath of the evil eye are very common on doors and vehicles. Here, a door in Kolakaranpet has multiple devices to protect from ‘Drishti’. Being in a locality with the name ‘Kola kaaran pet’ (Murderer’s area) such shotgun approach may be called for.


Red Pumpkin

Pumpkin with vermillon
Pumpkin with vermillion

During pooja time it is very common to find large broken pumpkins on the streets with a generous dose of kumkum. This is part of the drishti and pooja rituals. The splashed pumpkins are not only messy, they are a hazard for pedestrians and two wheelers.