Krishna the Butter Hoarder

Antique Krishna doll
Antique Krishna doll

Krishna in his secret nook with butter balls.
I found this vennai Krishnan bommai in an old house in Mylapore. It was in a secluded corner. Perhaps the owner was in a dilemma- whether to discard it or give it pride of place. Though it was old and faded it retained its charm. It looked like Krishna had found his secret corner away from the eyes of Yashoda to gobble up the balls of butter.
Sepia tone added to the antiquated charm.
A quick Google search threw up a lot of similar images but none identical. So this could have been part of a limited edition.

Sugar Candy

How can a thiruvizha be complete without the sugar candy man?

This sugar candy (javvu mittai ஜவ்வு மிட்டாய் or Bombay mithai)  doll on a pole was spotted at the Mylapore Festival.

The candymen are known to make attractive shapes like elephants, swan, flowers etc with the candy to entice children (and adults!)

Those sensitive about hygiene will shudder at the way in which this is made and dispensed.

The Hazards of e-Waste

Abandoned among e-waste

While the awareness about pollution and its prevention are gaining momentum, the same can not be said of e-waste and its hazards. There are efforts in the unorganized sector to reuse and recover. However, these are harmful to the workers and the environment.

I was happy to note that there are organized initiatives from the private sector to manage e-waste. At a seminar which I chaired sometime ago, one of them even presented me a memento plated with gold recovered from PCB’s!

The picture of the baby doll among e-waste is from a wayside market in Pallavaram, Chennai.

[ A week after I posted the above, the Hindu carried an article on ‘A to Z of E-Waste Managment’

Very timely]