Competing for Space

Public space

On Busy and narrow Bazaar street, Mylapore.

A flower vendor and her companions, a goods-laden tricycle and a dog all seem to compete for space.

From The Chennai Photowalk.


It is a Dog’s Life for Singles

At Besant Nagar Beach

The beach is no place for singles.

Sony A 6400 On manual mode. f/6.3; 1/200; ISO 250

E18-135 @42mm

Blessed Canine

Cute dog in a divine setting

A dog in a Sai Baba shrine. Blessed indeed.

Taken during the morning walk with a phone camera.

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Dog on Catwalk

At Nemam

At a cement block making unit in Nemam Village, near Thirumazhisai.

Leave Me Alone

No extra work for me
No extra work for me

School Children today are overworked. Besides schoolwork, they may have to undergo coaching in Personality Development, Empowerment, Self Esteem, Brain BUilding, Focus, Efficiency, etc.

This dog seems to say, “Don’t burden me with all these. Let me have my siesta.”

Taken with Xiaomi Redmi Note 4


A meek, but cute puppy
A meek, but cute puppy

The meek shall inherit the earth. This one is conquering everyone around with its cuteness. Found under a pallet of bricks in a factory.

From the Chennai Photowalk #140 – Nemam Village



In front of a mandapam opposite Sri Kapaleeswara swami Temple, Mylapore, Chennai

His Master’s Voice

The priest's dog
The priest’s dog

This dog occupying the pride of place is probably waiting for The Voice of His Master – a purohit (priest) in the local temple.

Dog Show

Boy & his dog at the Dog Show
Boy & his pet at the Dog Show

The 129th Dog show conducted by the Madras Canine Club concluded today Adyar today. the picture of the boy and his dog epitomizes the spirit of the show.

More pictures at

The dog and the lion

Peaceful co-existence

The dog and the lion
The dog and the lion

The dog seems to be peacefully relaxing under the very mane of a very ferocious looking lion in the Muttharamman Temple. Korattur Lake.

The Chennai Photowalk Retrowalk #56 Koratttur Lake