Adyar Creek Restoration

Adyar creek

An excellent job has been done by the Adyar River Restoration Project. In the 10-years since the commencement, the stinking water body has been restored, more trees and shrubs have been planted. Walking tracks and viewpoints have been built and entry of public controlled with access only on certain days for a limited number. The many paintings and installations of insects, animals, and reptiles will be a hit with children.

I am told that the number of species of birds, animals, insects, and plants has increased after the project was implemented.

Another incremental improvement which has to be lauded.


Broken Bridge

Broken Bridge across Adyar
Broken Bridge across Adyar

The original bridge was built in the 1960/70’s for use mainly by the fishermen for moving between Uroor and San Thome. It was destroyed in the high tides in the ’70s and was not rebuilt. Today, it is a haven for photographers, adventurous youth, clandestine lovers and antisocial.

The bridge has been photographed a million times, but I thought this angle from the Leela Palace was not so common.

Taken through a glass window.



Graffiti on abandoned bridge
Graffiti on the abandoned bridge

Graffiti greets visitors to the Broken Bridge across Adya river at Uroor Olcott kuppam

Leela Palace Hotel

Leela Palace Hotel form the broken bridge
Leela Palace Hotel form the broken bridge

The water in Adyar river at the broken bridge is usually not a great sight. However on a Sunday morning during daybreak, the water, and the Leela Palace hotel in MRC Nagar in the background was an interesting photo subject. Of course, some tweaking onĀ  Lightroom and Nik collections helped enhance the subjects.