Cow & Bike

Reminds me of the old Cow & Gate tins of baby food.


On the IT Expressway

Near Tidel Park on Old Mahabalipuram Road

On OMR, near Tidel Park, labelled as the IT Expressway. Shot with Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


At the Dharmeswara Temple, Manimangalam. The temple was built by the Cholas, but the village has an older history. This was the theatre of war between Badami Chalukyas and Pallavas led by Narasimhavarman I. This is also one of the Chaturvedimangalams.
Lord Shiva is worshipped here as Dharmeswarar. Goddess is Vedhambikai.
ASI is maintaining this temple. I first visited the temple in 2007. There is some improvement ow but it is offset by a new structure in bright blue roll-formed steel sheets in the outer prakaram. Definitely an eyesore. Villagers also freely graze cattle on the premises.
One of the cows grazing and the vimanam formed a nice reflection on a puddle.
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Gau Rakshak

Old lady selling fodder
Old lady selling fodder

This old lady seems to be contributing her bit for cow protection. She sells greens for the cows in front of the Gaushala in West Mambalam. The cows get fodder, her clients get satisfaction and she makes a living.

Peaceful Co-existence

Cow & Auto
Cow & Auto

Two terrors on Chennai roads- roaming cattle and rushing autos. Seems to be at peace in this scene at Madambakkam, Tambaram.

Terracotta Bulls

Terracotta Bulls
Terracotta Bulls

Terracotta horses and bulls are a common sight in Ayyanar shrines in Tamil Nadu villages.

This image is from a 5-star resort near Madras.

Old bungalow of Egmore

Old bungalow of Egmore
Old bungalow of Egmore

One of the many crumbling bungalows of Egmore. This one with a polygonal projected balcony was situated on Gengu Reddy street. A tethered cow in front of the classic structure added to the visual effect as it awaits its inevitable fate.

109 days to #Madras Day (22nd August 2017)

The Chennai Photowalk

Begging cow

There is a cacophony¬†of debate about “Jallikkattu” in the media and on the streets. But no one seems to care for this cow which had to go from shop to shop for something to munch.

The Chennai Photowalk #107, Thirumazhisai.



Matador or Photographer?

An intrepid photographer
An intrepid photographer

In my ‘The World is My Studio’ series.

For the Chennai Photo walkers, the world is a studio. This intrepid photographer is ‘doing a matador’, precariously positioned to photograph a stray cow on a near-dilapidated bridge across the Adyar at Ekkattuthangal.

First lesson in composition

Neighbours' envy, owner's pride
Horned cowherd

This is perhaps the first lesson in composition. When photographing people, make sure that there are no lampposts, trees or other objects sticking out of the subject’s head. You can break the law for some unusual effect. Like the cowherd here who is so attached to his herd that he has grown horns himself.

At Agatheeswarar temple, The Chennai Photowalk at Villivakkam.