Stained Glass Window

Stained Glass window at University Senate House
Stained Glass window at University Senate House

The Madras University Senate House was built in the 1870s. It is one of the classic examples of Indo-Saracenic architecture. The stained glass windows here are outstanding.

This is one view after a recent renovation.


Post-Shopping Fatigue

Shop front in Pondy Bazaar
Shopfront in Pondy Bazaar

A family relaxes in front of a shop window display.

After the conversion of Pondy Bazaar into a pedestrian plaza, it has become a great place for quality family time while shopping.

During the Chennai Photowalk

President’s Row

Abdul Kalam dolls
Abdul Kalam dolls

There is no doubt that Mr. Abdul Kalam was the most popular President. His popularity is spread over all sections of the society. No wonder, dolls of his likeness vie for space with gods and other divine figures in North Mada Street, Mylapore golu doll market.

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