Heels and Wheels

Heels & wheels

At the Heritage Auto Show organised by The Madras Heritage Motoring Club at the Ramachandra Convention Centre. Visitors admiring a prize winning two-wheeler.


“Esteemed” Leader

The Leader and the Esteem
The Leader and the Esteem

The walls in Tamil Nadu are made unsightly by posters and paintings by political parties and social organisations, of which there seems to be no dearth. Compared to this, I was pleased to see the public walls in Odisha – Bhubaneswar, and Puri- painted with attractive local motives.

I know that there have been some initiatives to have more pleasing walls in Chennai, but the political juggernauts always have their way.

Here, a popular leader boldly glares at passers-by ( now that he is out of the shadow of his father).  Or is he eyeing the car?

Fuchsia Ambassador

Fuchsia painted Ambassador car
Fuchsia painted Ambassador car

One of my earlier blogs was about a Fuchsia coloured Herald car. Now in Mylapore, I  spotted the workhorse Ambassador painted in the same colour.

Perhaps the garage had surplus paint of the same colour!



A car mockup trashed
A car mockup trashed

A mock up of a car abandoned  near trash can in front of a school.

Note that the bin is not full but the garbage is all around it.

Car pe Charcha

Heritage Car Show
Heritage Car Show

Serious discussions at the Heritage Car Show at Sri Ramachandra Convention Centre, Thiruvanmiyur.


Mercedes (Hub Caps)

This ancient car (Standard Herald) was spotted in a narrow lane in Royapettah. Reminded me of my Blue Herald I used to drive in Bombay between 1974 and 1979.

This car is probably used for some ceremonial occasions. For now, it occupies half the width of the narrow street.

Playboy Bunny Trafficator

Playboy bunny trafficator
Playboy bunny trafficator

A trafficator on a van somewhere in Kilpauk Garden, Chennai.

Was the owner trying to convey something more?

From The Chennai Photowalk #122. Phone capture.

Any place to express love

Love symbol
Love symbol

Skywriting in reverse?

Heart symbol doodled in dust on the bonnet of an abandoned car.

Gandhinagar Adyar. Sunday morning Chennai Photowalk #121


The Omnipresent Maruti Omni

Abandoned Maruti Omni van
Abandoned Maruti Omni van

The Maruti Omni was one the first multi-utility vehicle in India. When Maruti introduced the van the initial reaction was not very enthusiastic. After cleverly positioning it as a spacious family vehicle it gained popularity. In fact, it was an all-new category in India.

So it was painful for me to see this Omni abandoned on a roadside in Perungudi – that too near a burial ground!


Standard Herald

Standard Herald car was a lovable car from Chennai.  

This ad is from a 1962 souvenir of Bala Brindavan, a nursery school in Gandhinagar,  Adyar. 

Thanks to Mr VS Sukumar for the souvenir.