Monarch of the Milk Crates

Man with Milkcrates

The colourful milk crates and the (im)posing man made an inviting photo op on Coral Merchant Street Mannady during the Chennai Photowalk.

My interest, however, was more on the heavy carved door and doorframe behind.

The man said that he has been living there for the last 10 years but the house must be at least 70 years old. I would reckon that the house must be much older.

Unfortunately, I could not get a good picture of the door due to various constraints.


Indian Medicine Practitioner

100 year - old shop in Mylapore
Kannan, 44 years in a 100-year shop

(Dr.) Kannan, as the board says is an ‘Indian Medicine Practioner’. I was attracted by the quaint shop and its contents and layout. Mr Kannan was happy to pose. He said that the shop is 100-years old and he has been there for 44 years.

Men and monkeys

Near the Arjuna’s penance, Mahabalipuram.

Sculpture of two monkeys – one picking lice from the head of the other-  and three tired travellers.

Marundeeswarar Temple, Thiruvanmiyur

One view of the marundeesrarar temple, Thiruvanmiyur.
One view of the Marundeesrarar temple, Tiruvanmiyur.

One of the 275 paadal petra sthalangal. Appar and Gnanasambandhar have sung about this temple and the presiding deity in the 7-8th century CE. Shiva is believed to have imparted knowledge to Agastyar about the herbs and their curative properties. Hence, the name Marundeeswarar.

Location: Tiruvanmiyur, East Coast Road (ECR) Chennai.[12°59’6″ N 80°15’37” E]

Another one waiting for the bulldozer

Milk crates
Old house in Mylapore

A house in one of the bylanes of Mylapore awaiting the ‘developer’s’ long arm.

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window on the striped wall
window on the striped wall

Even a simple wall with kaavi (red ochre) stripes on a white background is a pleasing sight. Usually, such walls  surround temples and associated structures. You may find them in the narrowest of lanes in Madras. Here is one from Villivakkam.

Red ochre (kaavi in Tamil / Malayalam / Telugu /Kannada and Geru in Hindi) is a natural occurring ore and one of the earliest pigments known to man. Ayurveds also attribute certain healing properties to it.