Ideas Worth Emulating 1

Donating abandoned bicycles
Donating abandoned bicycles

This is not from Chennai but from Thane, Maharashtra, but something that can be tried here too.

A large apartment complex had many abandoned bicycles and tricycles cluttering up the nooks and corners and passages. The society collected all of them and donated them to an NGO who would refurbish them and give to deserving children. The owners were given sufficient time to claim the cycles if they want.

Are there such NGOs in Chennai that can take responsibility for refurbishing and identifying genuine candidates?

This is one of the ideas I picked up from my recent travel.

Captured with Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Leave Me Alone

No extra work for me
No extra work for me

School Children today are overworked. Besides schoolwork, they may have to undergo coaching in Personality Development, Empowerment, Self Esteem, Brain BUilding, Focus, Efficiency, etc.

This dog seems to say, “Don’t burden me with all these. Let me have my siesta.”

Taken with Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Alcohol De-addiction

Quack’s advertisement

This poster in Tamizh is obviously from a quack who is offering magic thread for alcohol de-addiction. This ‘spiritual baba’ also adds that he can be consulted for ‘all other matters’ as well. Alcoholism is ruining many families and the remedies accessible for the poor are very limited. No wonder, such quacks thrive. 
While playing on people’s gullibility, he is also harming the avenue tree by hammering all those nails.  
A quick phone grab in Adyar. 

Traditional and Digital Media

Traditional and digital media
Traditional and digital media

India is one of the few countries where the print media is still growing, albeit slowly, in terms of circulation and ad revenue, despite the digital disruption.

The sight of freshly printed dailies being briskly distributed early every morning by a team of dedicated men and colourful display of an array of magazines and journals on wayside stalls are common in all localities of the city.

Here, the dealer of print media seems to be happy with his dose of digital news and content.

A scene from the Chennai Photowalk – Perambur captured on phone camera.