While the Mother is Away…


The mother was busy shopping for Navartri in the crowded north Mada Street. The bored boy looks out anxiously.

From the Photowalk of Photographic Society of Madras 25 September 2022


Missing the Target Audience

Chennai suburban train

A commuter looking out from a suburban train in Chennai.

Note the Corona related message in Hindi. Strange are the ways of the Government departments. 90% of the people in Chennai can not read and understand Hindi. Total waste of resources in trying to communicate an important message.

Forever Feminine and the Macho Male

Forever Feminine

A macho man poses as the caption on the graffiti reads in Tamil, ” Endrendrum Penmai” (Forever Feminine).

Ezhil Nagar / Kannagi Nagar resettlement colony. Now a designated Art District.

As Days Pass….

An old man passing time as the world passes by below.

From Mylapore Mada veethi.

The last post was about a youngster. So I thought an old man would be right for this post.

A Heritage Bridge

Passenger on MRTS looking at the Cooum near Periyar Bridge

The bridge across the Cooum river connecting Mount Road neat The Hindu office and Island’s grounds was originally built in 1750 CE by the British and rebuilt / repaired several times. This 11- arch brick masonry bridge was known under various names – St. Georges Bridge, Willingdon Bridge and now, Periyar Bridge.

The MRTS (Mass Rapid Transit System) rail line passes neat the bridge.

One and Only

A store front in Anna Nagar announcing a sale.