Three Generations

Three generations of devotees

Taken at the Manavala Maamunivar Utsavam of Sri Parthasarathy Temple, Thiruvallikkeni, Chennai.

Three generations of Vaishnavites await the Lord returning from the Peyalwar Sannidhi accompanied by 18 ceremonial umbrellas.

From The Chennai Photowalk #151


Multi Tasking

Single priest

Unlike larger temples the priest in this small temple has to perform all tasks. Near Kapali temple, Mylapore.

PSM Vinayaga Chathurthi photowalk.

Harley Davidson Fan?

A devotee

She is a strong devotee of Virupaksheeswarar. When asked if she is dressed for any special occasion, she said that she dresses like this every day. The shop she occupies is also owned by the temple.

On a closer look at the photo, I see the Harley Davidson logo on the mask. Just a coincidence I presume!

From The Chennai Photowalk

Drive Through Devotion


This devout man stopped his ride to chant and do a namaskaram to Sri Dandeeswarar on his way to work. A common practice.

Dandeeswarar temple in Velachery is over 10 centuries old. It is believed to have been established during the Pallava period and expanded during the Chola reign.

Multiple Connections to the Divine

Connecting to the divine

This photographer seems to have multiple ways of reaching the divine – ladder, lens, hose and a rope!

From the Chennai Photowalk #146 Velachery

Faces of Nanganallur 10

Mr Dawood Basha, auto driver.

Mr Dawood Basha was waiting for a savari near a temple. I walked up to him and chatted. On a casual enquiry about uniforms, he mentioned that it is mandatory, but being Sunday he is taking it easy as most of the trips will only be local.

The Chennai Photowalk #145 The Streets of Nanganallur

Sony A6400 with Sony E 18-135mm F 3.5-5.6 OSS @ 18mm (cropped) f/5.0; ss 1/125; ISO 400

Faces of Nanganallur 1

Mr. Janakiraman puja articles seller

Meet Mr Janakiraman, a Brahmin who ekes out his livelihood selling puja articles from a stand outside a temple. Though he looks famished he was full of cheer when we approached to photograph him.

From The Chennai Photowalk #145 Nanganallur

Sony A6400 Sigma 30mm F1.4 DC DN

f/2.8, SS 1/200 ISO 500

Thiruvanmiyur Beach

Thiruvanmiyur beach temple

This beach in Thiruvanmiyur is sometimes referred as RTO Beach. A small temple acts as a landmark in the otherwise featureless seafront.

Paramapadham – the Steps to Heaven

Snakes and Ladders: where are the snakes?

Paramapadam is a popular traditional Indian board game, also known as Snakes and Ladders. It is based on Indian spirituality of attaining heaven through performing many virtuous acts. The ladders representing the virtues take the players closer to the Ultimate Goal of Vaikuntha while the snakes or the sins pull one down. The traditional game is played with rudimentary counters and dice or cowrie shells which are commonly available.

This casual sight of two ladders leaning against the wall of a subsidiary shrine in Pavala vanna Perumal temple, Kanchi reminded me of this game. You may ask, “Where are the snakes?” Let us hope for an ideal life filled with only virtues!


At the Dharmeswara Temple, Manimangalam. The temple was built by the Cholas, but the village has an older history. This was the theatre of war between Badami Chalukyas and Pallavas led by Narasimhavarman I. This is also one of the Chaturvedimangalams.
Lord Shiva is worshipped here as Dharmeswarar. Goddess is Vedhambikai.
ASI is maintaining this temple. I first visited the temple in 2007. There is some improvement ow but it is offset by a new structure in bright blue roll-formed steel sheets in the outer prakaram. Definitely an eyesore. Villagers also freely graze cattle on the premises.
One of the cows grazing and the vimanam formed a nice reflection on a puddle.
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