Art Gallery

A viewer enjoying the exhibits at the art gallery. Cholmandalam Artists Village on ECR, Chennai.


Multiple Connections to the Divine

Connecting to the divine

This photographer seems to have multiple ways of reaching the divine – ladder, lens, hose and a rope!

From the Chennai Photowalk #146 Velachery

Scrap Art

A cheetah made from machine scrap.

This installation has come up opposite the Ramanujan IT park on OMR under the MRTS tracks.

The beast and the floral design make an intriguing contrast.

Ramakrishna temple

Universal Temple

Ramakrishna Mutt temple

The Ramakrishna Mutt is very much part of the Madras landscape since the late 19th century. It lends its name to the arterial road from Mylapore to Adyar. The new temple built a few years ago adds tot he skyline of the city. The Universal temple synthesizes the architectural elements of Hindu, Buddhist, Jain temples. Inspiration has also been drawn from Cathedrals and Moghul gardens.

Michelangelo of Madras

Painting the ceiling

A new temple complex (for Balamurugan) is coming up at the Saveetha Medical complex on Kanchipuram Highway. Some painters were painting Hindu religious themes on the ceiling. The skill and the endurance required were of a very high order. Wondering whether these Michelangelos get their due recognition.


Statue at the Govt. College of Fine Arts

As you enter the Government College of Fine Arts, Chennai you are treated to a lot of student projects – some finished, some unfinished. This one caught my eye.

Burlesque filter from Windows Photos used.

Triumph of Labour Statue

Triumph of Labour Statue
Triumph of Labour Statue

It is May Day today and my mind goes to the Triumph of Labour Statue on the Marina. This statue was instaled in the first year of my life in Madras – 1958-59. It was designed and sculpted by the noted RoyChoudhury wh was the first Indian Principal of the Madras School of Arts and Crafts. The body language of the labourers reminds us of the US Marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima.

The statue is admired by many and comes into prominence on May Day. At other times, its base is the sanctuary for tourists, idle hangers-on or stray animals.

It is one of the first statues on the Marina. Little could I have imagined in 1959 that the whole place will be a jungle of statues and mausoleums.



Commonwealth War Graves

Commonwealth war grave
Commonwealth war grave

The well-manicured Madras War Cemetery on the main road at Nandambakkam is very prominent and popular. But there is much older war grave on Pallavan Salai in Park town right by the side of the flyover to Central Station. This is part of St.Mary’s Church in Fort St.George, whose on-site cemetery could not be expanded due to space and security concerns.

The Chennai Photowalk. Retro walk # 70 Bodyguard Muneeswaran

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Colour of the Robe

Valluvar Statue behind plastic sheets
Valluvar Statue behind plastic sheets

Recently, a controversy has erupted in the political circles about the colour of the robe of Thiruvalluvar.

This gave me an opportunity to go back to my archives of photographers from the Thiruvalluvar temple, Mylapore.

As the temple was under renovation the idols were wrapped up in plastic sheets. As the weather-beaten blue sheets were crumbling the idols emerged hesitantly.

The next controversy could be about his beard or tuft.


Muneeswaran - rear view
Muneeswaran – rear view

A colourful and tall statue of Muneeswaran dominates the skyline in Burma Colony, Ekkattuthangal.

Even a monochrome rear view is quite imposing.

From The Chennai Photowalk