Sepia Sisters

Girls and grandpa
Girls and grandpa

For the photographers on a walk in the Art District at Kannagi Nagar, Chennai, the most popular location was a building with the image of two smiling children in Black and White. These two girls and the old man were also the cynosures of the lenses.

For a change, I thought they will look different and better in sepia tone.

From Photowalk With A Cause #3. Kannagi Nagar /Ezhil Nagar

Underwear and the Economy

Imitations of branded underwear on sale at Pallavaram Friday market

The humble underwear, once categorised as ‘the unmentionables’ is in the news in a big way.

First it was the Oxford English dictionary which included ‘chuddies’ as an English word.

Then came Azam Khan, who used the underwear jibe against his female opponent, Jaya Prada.

Now with the discussion on the economy getting the media space it deserves, the ‘Alan Greenspan Underwear index’ hit the headlines. According to Greenspan the sale of Men’s Underwear gives a fair indication of the state of the economy.

The Economic Times reported that the sale of inner wear fell sharply in India in the previous quarter indicating a slump in the economy.

Does the slump in underwear sales reveal so much about the economy and increase in sales cover up something? (pun intended)

Anyway, men of India, gird up your loins to pull up the economy. Go out and by your underwear.