Funny Signs

Funny signs Chennai
Funny signs Chennai

Human trafficking?

A sign posted on an electrical junction box (RMU)  in Adyar.

A common sight.


‘Heritage’ becomes part of History



Heritage Fresh name board on the sidewalk

The Heritage Fresh chain of retail outlets owned by the family of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu has been taken over by the Future Group of Mr. Kishore Biyani (Big Bazaar).

Now my neighborhood Heritage Fresh store has been brought under the Nilgiris brand.  Nilgiris was taken over by the Future Group some time ago.

The Heritage name board lies unattended on the sidewalk, while the new neon-lit Nilgiris board glows.

Change is inevitable?!


The new Nilgiris board 




Happy Pongal

Wishing all my readers a very Happy Pongal.

Yesterday was Bhogi and the whole city was engulphed in one gigantic fog. I went for my customary walk at 7-30 a.m. The visibility was near zero but life went on.

I captured some of the everyday scenes in the smog.

Fruit vendor starts the day with a colourful kolam
Fruit vendor starts the day with a colourful kolam
Sugar cane purchase
Sugar cane purchase
tailor in the fog
It s 7-45 a.m The city is just waking up to a Bhogi day or should I say smoggy day. This tailor was at his workstation near a bank to earn his bread for the day.
Morning walk
Morning walk

DTH – Direct to Heaven

perungudi cremation grounds
perungudi cremation grounds

DTH- has a whole new definition: Direct to Heaven.  Or is it Direct to Hell? A satellite dish antenna is a prominent fixture in the Perungudi crematorium.

See more of my pictures on Flickr.:

The Revenge of the Tamilian

Wall poster for job opportunities
Wall poster for job opportunities

If North Indians can ‘murder’ English and Tamil, the Tamilian can do the same with Hindi.

A poster near Central Station announcing job opportunities for helpers. It also reflects the profile of the target audience.

Chennai Eyesores


In Chennai, whichever way you turn you can see banners, posters, cutouts and flex boards. They may be from political parties, cinemas, temples, evangelists, training centres or sex clinics. These are not only eyesores but also hindrance or distractions for the citizens. Somehow, we have been tolerating the situation due to our indifference or helplessness.

Occasionally, there will be initiatives by NGOs or by individuals through the court (as in the present case), but none of these have had sustained impact on the outcome.  What can be done?

During my recent trip to Odisha, I was pleasantly surprised to see most of the public walls were covered with tastefully painted themes, both in capital Bhubaneswar and in the pilgrim town of Puri. If a state like odisha can do it why not Tamil Nadu?

A wall in Puri, Odisha
A wall in Bhubaneswar


Animal Lovers


The donation box for Blue Cross in Chennai airport domestic departure was fairly full with currency notes.

A closer look revealed that many of the high denomination notes were the demonitised 500 & 1000 Rupees.

Deserted Subway

Mount Road Subway
Mount Road Subway

5 p.m on a weekday is a very busy time on Mount Road. But the subway in front of the post office was deserted. There were just two pedestrians (in picture) and two sleeping men on the floor other than me. Looked little daunting.

Taken with a Redmi 4 note.


Requiem for Broadband? 

The storm Vardah affected most utilities in Chennai. Some restored the service fairly quickly while others took some time.

A leading broadband service provider was the worst affected as their services were all by overhead cables strung haphazardly over buildings, trees, and poles. In some places, services were not restored for over 5 weeks. Many thought that this was the end of the service provider. So this garland on rejected cables probably signifies a requiem for that company or for any service over overhead wires.

BTW, is there no law against tying unauthorized cables over electric poles, trees, or other public structures?