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The donation box for Blue Cross in Chennai airport domestic departure was fairly full with currency notes.

A closer look revealed that many of the high denomination notes were the demonitised 500 & 1000 Rupees.


Deserted Subway

Mount Road Subway
Mount Road Subway

5 p.m on a weekday is a very busy time on Mount Road. But the subway in front of the post office was deserted. There were just two pedestrians (in picture) and two sleeping men on the floor other than me. Looked little daunting.

Taken with a Redmi 4 note.


Requiem for Broadband? 

The storm Vardah affected most utilities in Chennai. Some restored the service fairly quickly while others took some time.

A leading broadband service provider was the worst affected as their services were all by overhead cables strung haphazardly over buildings, trees, and poles. In some places, services were not restored for over 5 weeks. Many thought that this was the end of the service provider. So this garland on rejected cables probably signifies a requiem for that company or for any service over overhead wires.

BTW, is there no law against tying unauthorized cables over electric poles, trees, or other public structures?