Thirupporur Temple

The Kandaswmy temple at Thirupporur also known as Thirupporur Murugan Koil is an ancient temple tracing its origin to the Pallava period. The temple was renovated in the 18th century and later.

Though Thirupporur is only about 25 Kms from my place in Chennai, I could have darsan only recently. Fortunately, another occasion followed.

The temple is the abode of Lord Muruga and his consorts, Valli and Devanai.

The gopuram seen above is seven-storied and rises to a height of 70 feet.

Vaikashi Vishakam (May-June) is an important festival in this temple.




A stucco bas releif of Gajalakshmi on an old building in Mannady, Chennai. Wonder how long this old building can withstand the onslaught of development!

The two cherubs with wings (angles?) look rather unusual in an Indian design. Or do they?

Durga Puja


As in previous years, the shed in Thakkar Bapa Vidyalaya was humming with action. The team of Kishori Mohan Pal were getting the Durga idols ready for Pujo.


Paramapadham – the Steps to Heaven

Snakes and Ladders: where are the snakes?

Paramapadam is a popular traditional Indian board game, also known as Snakes and Ladders. It is based on Indian spirituality of attaining heaven through performing many virtuous acts. The ladders representing the virtues take the players closer to the Ultimate Goal of Vaikuntha while the snakes or the sins pull one down. The traditional game is played with rudimentary counters and dice or cowrie shells which are commonly available.

This casual sight of two ladders leaning against the wall of a subsidiary shrine in Pavala vanna Perumal temple, Kanchi reminded me of this game. You may ask, “Where are the snakes?” Let us hope for an ideal life filled with only virtues!

Ready for Consecration


An image of minor deity, probably a dwarapalaka, getting ready for the Kumbhabhishekam at the Balamurugan temple, Saveetha Medical College and Hospital, Thandalam.

Michelangelo of Madras

Painting the ceiling

A new temple complex (for Balamurugan) is coming up at the Saveetha Medical complex on Kanchipuram Highway. Some painters were painting Hindu religious themes on the ceiling. The skill and the endurance required were of a very high order. Wondering whether these Michelangelos get their due recognition.

Matsya Avatar

Matsya, the first avatar of Vishnu rendered at the entrance of an eponymous restaurant in Adyar.Xiamoi Redmi note 4.

The dog and the lion

Peaceful co-existence

The dog and the lion
The dog and the lion

The dog seems to be peacefully relaxing under the very mane of a very ferocious looking lion in the Muttharamman Temple. Korattur Lake.

The Chennai Photowalk Retrowalk #56 Koratttur Lake

For Whom the Bell Tolls

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A shrine on the Korattur Lake shore

On the banks of Korattur Lake, there is a Muttharamman Temple, built and maintained by one Mr Balamurugan who hails form Kulasekarapattinam.  This is the Guardian figure of the temple.

From the Chennai Photowalk Retrowalk #56

Durga Immersion

Durga going for immersion
Durga going for immersion

The Bengalis of Chennai conduct with fervour the Saradotsav at Besant Nagar Community Hall every year. I have attended a couple of them. This year when I went on Friday, I knew I was late for the event as they were already taking out the images for immersion. Glad I was able to get at least a brief glimpse of it.

There is a saying in Malayalam for being late for important events. “Pooram kazhinju pindiye kaanan” “പൂരം കഴിഞ്ഞു പിണ്ടിയെ കാണാൻ ” Literally, ” going late to the festival to see elephant droppings”