Flower Seller

Woman selling flowers
Flower seller

This old woman is a regular flower seller on Mada Street, Mylapore. This was taken on a festival day. I was wondering if she got more business that day than usual for all her efforts.


It is Jackfruit time

Jackfruits from Panruti for sale in pallavaram
Jackfruits from Panruti for sale in Pallavaram

It is time for Jackfruit – the Jack of all fruits. Though Tamil Nadu celebrates the ‘pala pazham’ , the fruit is part of everyday life in Kerala. Almost every house will have at least on ‘Chakka maram‘ in the compound.

Trivandrum even has an event called Jackfruit mela with exhibitions, stalls and workshops.

Why not Chennai or Panruti have a ‘Pala pazha vizha?

Sugar Candy

How can a thiruvizha be complete without the sugar candy man?

This sugar candy (javvu mittai ஜவ்வு மிட்டாய் or Bombay mithai)  doll on a pole was spotted at the Mylapore Festival.

The candymen are known to make attractive shapes like elephants, swan, flowers etc with the candy to entice children (and adults!)

Those sensitive about hygiene will shudder at the way in which this is made and dispensed.


Guruswamy, 94 years ? earns Rs400 p.m as assistant in this vegetable shop
Guruswamy, the Nonagenarian dynamo

While at our Photowalk in the Saidapet Vegetable market we were impressed the diligence and briskness with which this gentleman was cleaning the shop and shifting heavy loads of vegetables.

A shopkeeper in the adjoining stall told us that he is Guruswamy and he is 94 years old(?!) He works as an assistant in a stall and earns Rs400 per day.

Though he did not look 94 to me, hats off to his industriousness.


Saloon Again

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Hair cutting salon in Saidapet
Hair cutting salon in Saidapet

In my series on salons, this one is one of my favorite images.

A salon on Bazaar Road, Saidapet (M.A.R. Menz Salon)

I was also amazed by the intuitive power of Google Maps.  I had uploaded some photos from the Saidapet Photowalk on to Google Photos and geotagged an image manually as my DSLR does not have GPS. Google automatically suggested the correct location for this image even though it was a good 300 metres from the tagged image.

Burning Trash

Burning Trash
Burning Trash

Solid pollutant being turned into a gaseous pollutant. A scene from the automobile spares and repair market off G.P road.

Stretched Bike

Bike Accessories shop
Bike Accessories shop

Rolling shutters being effectively used as advertising during closed hours. A bike accessory shop at the junction of Mount Road and General Patters Road.

Is that a stretch bike, like a stretch limousine?

Reinforcing rods

Steel reinforcing rods
Steel reinforcing rods

Steel reinforcing rods at a dealer in Madambakkam, Tambaram.

Indicative of the booming construction activities in the extended suburbs.


Tomato vendor ar Saidapet market
Tomato vendor ar Saidapet market

With vegetable prices fluctuating wildly, this man must be wondering what the next day hold for him.

A scene from the Saidapet Vegetable Market.

From Chennai Photowalk #128

Secular Icons

Secular dolls
Secular dolls

On the one hand, we continue to have debates on tradition and exclusivity. On the other hand, change and inclusion take place smoothly.

Images of Mother Theresa, Abdul Kalam, and Ramanujacharya vie for space with Gods and Goddesses in this roadside stall in Mylapore.