On Duty with a Smile

Spreading cheer and cleanliness

It was Sunday morning. A part of the arterial Anna Salai [Mount road] was closed for traffic to facilitate the conduct of ‘ Happy Streets” an event of fun-filled activities for all. While a large number of people from far and near were having fun and frolic, this young lady went about her job of cleaning the entrance of the Chennai Metro station cheerfully.

Shot with Sony Alpha ILCE-6400 with Sigma 30 mm, F /1.4 DC. DN contemporary lens.


Aam Aadmi

Broom seller

Aam Aadmi making a living by selling brooms made from coconut leaf sticks. The broom is also the election symbol of Aam Aadmi (Common Man) party


Plumeria Alba

Choose carefully the place to sit.

A woman sitting under a plumeria plant (frangipani) in Thiru-vi-ka park. The Tamil banner says ‘Perungalli’.

From The Chennai Photowalk #238 Shenoy Nagar

Safe With Me


“Your Gold is safe with me”. A bank front in Luz, Mylapore



Oh! The attraction of the fragrant and fresh jasmine artfully knitted into a garland with deft hands is evident in the smile of the buyer, even if muted by the glass.

From the Chennai Photwalk #234 Besant Nagar



Lonely walk on a “haunted” road. The Blue Cross Road in Besant nagar can be deserted at night. Not surprising that there are stories of it being haunted.

Now a world-class international school is coming up on this road.

From the Chenna Photoawalk #234

Idle Viewer or Active Stakeholder?

Rice Mandi on Mada Street

A rice retailer views the Kolam competition and a balloon seller outside his shop. His ‘Mani Mandi’ seems to be modern and money savvy. He accepts all credit cards and also uses other payment gateways.

At first, I thought he was an idle observer waiting for the event to end, but a small board in Tamizh announcing ‘Kolam Powder sold here’ made him an active supply chain member in the Kolam event and beyond.

Soan Papdi Seller

Soan Papdi seller from Maharashtra

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Meet Mr Salim Khan, from the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. He sells Soan Papdi near the Marina Lighthouse. So, you thought the inward migration is only from states like Odissa, Bihar and Bengal, not to mention Bangla Desh? People migrate wherever they find that their efforts and skills are required.

Tomatoes Galore

A tomato vendor in the Villivakkam vegetable market near the station. The market built during the British regime has been functioning continuously.

From The Chennai Photowalk #231

Ashraf Vegetarian Brinji

Aslam at Ashraf Brinji stall

This is Aslam who was minding the Ashraf Vegetarian Brinji stall in Villivakkam.

I do not know the difference between Biriyani and Brinji. Uncle google tells me that Brinji is similar to Biriyani and its forerunner at least in the South.

I am told Muslims make the best non-vegetarian biriyanis. So it was surprising to note that this stall manned by Muslins was highlighting their vegetarian dish. Maybe a strategy of specialisation or penetration of a niche. Or does it have anything to do with the profile of the neighbourhood? Not being a foodie, I was interested only in the marketing strategy behind this young man’s business.

Incidentally, in a recent article Economic Times reported that Biriyani continues to be the most popular dish ordered on food delivery apps in the last 3 years running. Swiggy, for example, receives an average of 2.3 orders for Biriyani every second.

From the Chennai Photowalk #231 Villivakkam