Canine Sangamam

The Day After…

The morning after the inauguration of Chennai Sangamam, the canines are having a Samgamam of their own.


Which is the Main Entrance?

Eastern Entrance to Kapali Temple

Have you thought about this? The ‘main’ entrance through the Eastern Rajagopuram is not the ‘front’ entrance to Kapali temple? It is actually the back entrance!

The Lord faces West and the Dwajastambahm is also on the West. So the entrance from the West facing the tank is the front of the temple. The Eastern Gopuram is tall and there is Ganapathy at that entrance. This makes us assume that this is the front.

This was highlighted by Dr Chitra Madhavan in her talk about the 3 temples of Mylapore on Sunday, 8th January as part of the Mylapore Festival 2023.

This is something which we see but never think of.

Western Entrance

Kolam Competition

Soaking in the local culture

The Mylapore Festival returned after a gap of 2 years. Again the Kolam contest was the highlight. As expected, it was a visual delight and naturally a favourite with the photographers. As usual, there was a sprinkling of foreign tourists. They not only witnessed but also took part in and had some fun as seen in the picture. In effect, they soaked in the local culture.

From the Sundaram Finance Mylapore Festival.



A stucco bas releif of Gajalakshmi on an old building in Mannady, Chennai. Wonder how long this old building can withstand the onslaught of development!

The two cherubs with wings (angles?) look rather unusual in an Indian design. Or do they?

Intense Devotion


Steel bars are no barrier for devotion for this lady in Triplicane. During the temple procession and Ghoshti .

From the Chennai Photowalk #150

Three Generations

Three generations of devotees

Taken at the Manavala Maamunivar Utsavam of Sri Parthasarathy Temple, Thiruvallikkeni, Chennai.

Three generations of Vaishnavites await the Lord returning from the Peyalwar Sannidhi accompanied by 18 ceremonial umbrellas.

From The Chennai Photowalk #151

Art Gallery

A viewer enjoying the exhibits at the art gallery. Cholmandalam Artists Village on ECR, Chennai.

Durga Puja


As in previous years, the shed in Thakkar Bapa Vidyalaya was humming with action. The team of Kishori Mohan Pal were getting the Durga idols ready for Pujo.


Mother and Child

Mother and child

Just before Navaratri, the streets around the Kapaliswarar Temple are filled with shops selling Golu dolls made of Papier mache, terra cotta, POP, wood metal etc.

The shops are usually set and up and managed by families including women and children. It is not uncommon to see mothers taking care of infants while transacting business, as in this frame.

From the Photowalk by Photographic Society of Madras on 25th September 2022.

Multi Tasking

Single priest

Unlike larger temples the priest in this small temple has to perform all tasks. Near Kapali temple, Mylapore.

PSM Vinayaga Chathurthi photowalk.