Hindi Imposition

Posters in Hindi and Tamil for cures for Piles, Sex Problems etc

Hindi imposition even in advertisements for cures for sex problems, piles etc? A scene from Kilpauk but could be anywhere.

Why aren’t our activists protesting?

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4



Divine Intervention or Detererent?

divine blessings
Divine blessings. A scene in Seven Wells

A scene in Seven Wells, Chennai.

The image of Jesus could several purposes. Protections of the vehicle or prevention of people dumping garbage, committing nuisance or just squatting in front (note the concrete with sharp stones projecting).

In case of emergency

For Jesus.. call....
For Jesus.. call….

911 for spiritual help!

A mechanic’s booth on First Line Beach, Chennai


Homeless Jesus

Homeless Jesus
Homeless Jesus

Statue of Homeless Jesus at St.Thomas Mount, Chennai.

The original concept is attributed to a Canadian sculptor who put up the first such image of Jesus sleeping on a park bench in a church in Toronto. Since then, several facsimiles have been put up in several churches around the world.

Hiding Cherub

Hiding cherub
Hiding cherub

The cherub behind the bush seems to be hiding from public view yet peeping out to see the Sunday morning visitors to the St.Patrick’s Church, St.Thomas Mount, Chennai.

The Chennai Photowalk, The Retro-walk #43

Secular fishing village

multi religeous symbols
multi religious symbols
A Muslim dargah in predominantly Hindu fishing villageA Muslim dargah in predominantly Hindu fishing village
A Muslim dargah in predominantly Hindu fishing village

Uroor Olcott kuppam is a fishing village near Adyar. The villagers are predominantly Hindu but religious harmony prevails. There are a several temples and family shrines dedicated to Hindu Gods and Goddesses dotting the village. There is also a dargah dedicated to a Nagore Andavar with a flag brought from Nagore. Surprisingly for a coastal village, there are no churches.

The village chief told us that they often pray to Nagore Andavar before launching a new fishing net of a boat. He added that they also attend several functions and festivals at the nearby Velnkanni church. He concluded by saying that while Hindus are open in attending any religious functions, ‘they’ are reluctant to reciprocate.

Foggy Bhogi at Bessie


Faces of Chennai – Reebok man

Reebok man
Reebok man

The Reebok scarf looks rather incongruous on this old man seeking alms outside a church on Nungambakkam.

Uniform Civic Sense

Religious symbols on the wall
Religious symbols on the wall

While the need for Uniform Civic Code is being hotly debated, we must also discuss the need for better civic sense among all. Wall paintings like the one above are very common in Chennai and elsewhere. Whoever puts up such icons have a fond, but faint hope that people will no longer create nuisance in the are by urinating or dumping garbage.

After all, cleanliness is next to Godliness, they say.

From the Chennai Photowalk, Chintadripet

Madras Nalla Madras Daily Post #316

Lord Save us…

Crucifixes and Auto rickshaw
Crucifixes and Auto rickshaw

The autorickshaws of Chennai are notorious for fleecing passengers. So, this scene at Besant Nagar seems to say. ” Lord save us from the autorickshaws”! Or is it the autorickshaw drivers saying,” Lord, save us from the  policemen”?  In either case, the Lord’s intervention is required.