In front of a mandapam opposite Sri Kapaleeswara swami Temple, Mylapore, Chennai

Broken Bridge

Broken Bridge across Adyar
Broken Bridge across Adyar

The original bridge was built in the 1960/70’s for use mainly by the fishermen for moving between Uroor and San Thome. It was destroyed in the high tides in the ’70s and was not rebuilt. Today, it is a haven for photographers, adventurous youth, clandestine lovers and antisocial.

The bridge has been photographed a million times, but I thought this angle from the Leela Palace was not so common.

Taken through a glass window.


Sugar Candy

How can a thiruvizha be complete without the sugar candy man?

This sugar candy (javvu mittai ஜவ்வு மிட்டாய் or Bombay mithai)  doll on a pole was spotted at the Mylapore Festival.

The candymen are known to make attractive shapes like elephants, swan, flowers etc with the candy to entice children (and adults!)

Those sensitive about hygiene will shudder at the way in which this is made and dispensed.