Though typewriters are almost extinct, I am told that they are being used in some Government offices. As a result, there are some typewriting institutes still survive, like this one on Kutchery Road.

From The Chennai Photowalk: The Streets of North Mylapore.

Most Beautiful Sound

The unique Tamil letter
The unique Tamizh letter

The letter ழ (zha) is unique to Thamizh and some South Indian Languages. Speakers of other tongues find it difficult to pronounce this.

I have also heard some Tamizh politicians saying, ” தமிளுக்கு ‘ள’ தான் அளகு.”

Image from a mural in the Art District, Kannagi Nagar.



The Vessels Seller

Neelamegam, aluminiumvessels dealer
Neelamegam, aluminium vessels dealer

Meet Neelamegam. He sells kitchen utensils from his two-wheeler around Ezhil Nagar tenements. The vehicle is completely covered with his wares that I fail to understand how he would sit and ride.

He has a loudspeaker which blares out pre-recorded sales message in a professionally catchy yet natural voice. A photo of his mother decorated with flowers adorns the top of the headlamp. He procures the utensils from Salem and other places. The way the women of the area were thronging around this handsome young man indicates that he must be doing brisk business.

Neelamegam, aluminiumvessels dealer

Art District

Kannagi Nagar Murals
Kannagi Nagar Murals

Kannagi Nagar, a township of lower-income tenements has been selected to be developed as an Art District. It is a collaboration between St+Art and various other organizations. About 15 renowned artists from India and abroad participate in this effort.

This mural is by Kashmira Sarode depicting a mother-daughter duo affected by the tsunami, facing life again with hope.

From Photowalk for a Cause  #3 Kannagi Nagar


Ideas Worth Emulating 2

Karaoke in the park
Karaoke in the park

Again this was in Thane, Maharahstra.

ON a Monday morning, a small park by the lakeside (Talao Pali) . A group of senior citizens gathered around a mike and loudspeaker belting out old Hindi film songs. When I passed by the song rendered was” Dil tadap, tadap ke…” from the 1956 hit Madhumati.

A wonderful idea for morning/evening walkers in Chennai to emulate.

Here is a Karaoke link