Fetching Water

Water shortage
Fetching water

Chennai has a long history of water shortage. Despite occasional heavy rains and flooding, no permanent solution has been implemented to provide adequate supply for the city’s residents.

A Chettinad Mess on Mookker Nallamuthu Street has to ferry pots of water to the first floor from a street pump.

A nearby shop advertises ‘Tasty Palar water available here’. Wonder where they get their supply from. Many on the banks of Palar river themselves do not get an adequate supply.

The Chennai Photowalk. The Retrowalk #44




Sleeping devotee
Sleeping devotee

This street dweller seems to be paying obeisance to his Gods in his own special way.

From Linghi Chetty Street.  George Town, Chennai



Wings and Wheels

Carts & Angels at a temple
Carts & Angels at a temple

At the entrance of Malleeswarar Temple, Linghi Chetty Street, Mannady, Chennai.

The Chennai Photowalk: Retrowalk #44 -The Bankers’ Walk.


Unpaired and Discarded – What is your story?

single shoe
single shoe

From a children’s play area in Independence Day Park, Nungambakkam

What could be the story behind? Let your imagination run free.

Why did the child remove the shoe before entering the play area? Many Indians consider footwear as an impediment – not as protection for the feet.

Was the other of the pair lost or only misplaced? Was the child under the care of the mother or the father who was distracted by that woman in the tracksuit?

What was the reaction of the mother/father /parents when they found the that the shoe was lost? Was the child upbraided or the spouse or both?

Though this is a child’s shoe, there is a message for senior citizens like me. When the spouse is no more, the chance of complete isolation is more likely.

I am sure other storytellers can come up with absorbing stories. Try.




Local competition

Shakthi soap
Shakthi soap

FMCG giants like Hindustan Unilever, Proctor & Gamble and ITC better watch out!. Here comes the local competition ‘Shakthi Soaps’ – door delivered in a moped.

A scene in Nandmbakkam



Navaratri is around the corner. This festival over 9 days celebrates and worships many forms of the Goddess.

A view a temple wall in Ekkattuthangal.

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superman mural
superman mural

At the entrance to the Park Town MRTS station.


Aattu kallus on the Main Road

People in Chennai do not think twice before throwing their discards on the streets – be it garbage, abandoned furniture , construction debris, packing materials and what-not.

Recently I saw three grinding stones (the pestle part of an Aaattu kallu, used for grinding idli -dosa batter) right on the busy Rama Krishna Mutt Road opposite to Mylapore tank.

What next?



Lungiman and foreigners
Lungiman and foreigners

Our Lungi man keeping an eye on the foreigners.

From The Chennai Photowalk – Harrington Road

The Indifferent, the Involved and the Curious

Attitude towards news
Attitude towards news

It is Madras Day.

The hot news of the day is the merger of the two factions of the ruling party and related realignments. The attitude towards this news is amply reflected in the body language of these three.

The old man seems to be indifferent with a ‘I-have-seen-it-all’ attitude.

The middle aged man is deeply involved in the news.

The younger guy is curious.

From the Madras Week Photowalk in Mylapore today.