Dance Baby, Dance

Mural and the boy

At the Thiru-vi-Ka Park, Shenoy Nagar

From the Chennai Photowalk #238, Shenoy Nagar

Sony ILCE 6400 with Sony E 18-135mm f 3.5-5.6 OSS @39mm

f/7.1, ss 1/640, ISO 100


Temple Trident

A temple on the Santhome Loop Road. This area is mostly inhabited by fisherfolks.

Krishna’s Pranks

Krishna Bommais

The toddler Krishna is raiding the pot of butter. The older Krishna is eyeing the panipuri.

Shot during the Mylapore Festival 2023

Lemony Green

window shopping

Lemony Green (or is it yellow?) seems to be the colour of the day. A shop window on Pondy Bazaar.

From Chennai Photowalk.

Trash or Treasure?

Vehicles dumped in front of a police station. Whenever you see abandoned vehicles dumped on the roadside or in public spaces, you can be nearly certain that a police station is nearby.

From The Chennai Photowalk #234

Snow Leopard in Chennai

Snow leopards?

Dogs in front of a wall painting on Besant Avenue

From the Chennai Photowalk #234

Birds, Bees and …..


Birds, bees and now bicycles!

Canine Sangamam

The Day After…

The morning after the inauguration of Chennai Sangamam, the canines are having a Samgamam of their own.

Which is the Main Entrance?

Eastern Entrance to Kapali Temple

Have you thought about this? The ‘main’ entrance through the Eastern Rajagopuram is not the ‘front’ entrance to Kapali temple? It is actually the back entrance!

The Lord faces West and the Dwajastambahm is also on the West. So the entrance from the West facing the tank is the front of the temple. The Eastern Gopuram is tall and there is Ganapathy at that entrance. This makes us assume that this is the front.

This was highlighted by Dr Chitra Madhavan in her talk about the 3 temples of Mylapore on Sunday, 8th January as part of the Mylapore Festival 2023.

This is something which we see but never think of.

Western Entrance