Canine Sangamam

The Day After…

The morning after the inauguration of Chennai Sangamam, the canines are having a Samgamam of their own.


Which is the Main Entrance?

Eastern Entrance to Kapali Temple

Have you thought about this? The ‘main’ entrance through the Eastern Rajagopuram is not the ‘front’ entrance to Kapali temple? It is actually the back entrance!

The Lord faces West and the Dwajastambahm is also on the West. So the entrance from the West facing the tank is the front of the temple. The Eastern Gopuram is tall and there is Ganapathy at that entrance. This makes us assume that this is the front.

This was highlighted by Dr Chitra Madhavan in her talk about the 3 temples of Mylapore on Sunday, 8th January as part of the Mylapore Festival 2023.

This is something which we see but never think of.

Western Entrance

Modern Architecture

Though Chennai is one of the top Metros of India and is clocking growth in business, infrastructure, and structures, one does not see many attractive architectures in the new buildings.

Occasionally, you come across some architectural features which catch your eye.

I shall attempt to document these, like the one from ELCOT- SEZ, Sholinganallur.


We went to the Special Economic Zone of ELCOT in Sholinganllur for birding.

This architectural feature of the pathway shelter also caught our attention.

Tomatoes Galore

A tomato vendor in the Villivakkam vegetable market near the station. The market built during the British regime has been functioning continuously.

From The Chennai Photowalk #231

The Seafood Supply Chain

Last mile service

When we think of the seafood supply chain we only think of the fishermen and local fish vendors. there is a whole lot of other important links in the chain like the wholesalers and the transporters, the storage units etc.

Recently I discovered another important link. These are persons who sit outside the fish stalls with a kitchen cleaver (aruva manai) or chopping board. The customers bring their fish for cutting cleaning and descaling, for a few rupeees thus relieving the consumers of a nasty chore at home. Very useful last mile service for fish consumers and some livelihood for a few.

Thirupporur Temple

The Kandaswmy temple at Thirupporur also known as Thirupporur Murugan Koil is an ancient temple tracing its origin to the Pallava period. The temple was renovated in the 18th century and later.

Though Thirupporur is only about 25 Kms from my place in Chennai, I could have darsan only recently. Fortunately, another occasion followed.

The temple is the abode of Lord Muruga and his consorts, Valli and Devanai.

The gopuram seen above is seven-storied and rises to a height of 70 feet.

Vaikashi Vishakam (May-June) is an important festival in this temple.

In the Vegetable Market

Vegetable vendor

From the Chennai Photowalk #231

At the vegetable market, Villivakkam. The area was originally called Vilvaaranyam – the grove of volva trees.

The vegetable market was built during the British period and continues to function even today. Besides vegetables, there are also fish stalls in an annexe.

What do you see in the above picture?

I see…

A woman and 2 macho figures.

A lady vendor and 2 male customers.

Bright colours

Vegetable for the customer. Money for the seller as seen the seller eyeing the Mahalakshmi – the Goddess of Wealth- on the bag

Double Cover

A drishti mask and a scarecrow to protect a construction site from the wrath of the evil eye.

From the T Nagar area.

During The Chennai Photowalk Retrowalk #79


Mini Merry Go round

The merry-go-round fascinated you when you were a child.

It still fascinates you as now as a photographer.

Marina Beach, Chennai.