Car-free roads, leaf-free trees

tree skeleton
tree skeleton

Besant Nagar Elliot’s beach road on a Sunday morning.

It is heartening to see vehicles off the beach road on Sunday mornings. However, it is sad to see the trees on the beach front with hardly any leaves. This is not a seasonal phenomenon but round the year. Maybe these trees can not withstand the sea breeze. If that is the case, other species may be planted. Experts, your views, please.



Leafless tree on Elliot's Beach
Leafless tree on Elliot’s Beach

Scooter or Devil?

Devil faced scooter
Devil faced scooter

Spotted near Besant Nagar (Elliot’s) Beach, Chennai.

Could this qualify for a place in the ‘Faces of Chennai’ album?

Remembering Gandhiji on this Independence Day

Gandhi beach, Marina in the morning.
Gandhi beach, Marina in the morning.

Happy Independence Day to all

Ice House

Ice House - Vivekanandar Illam
Ice House – Vivekanandar Illam

The iconic structure on the marina derives its name from the fact that imported ice used to be stored here.

Swami Vivekananda stayed here on his return from the famous Chicago address.

Post # 200 from The Chennai Walk # 100


Which is roomier?

The Nano and the tricycle
The Nano, the two-wheeler, and the tricycle

Which is roomier? The Nano or the tricycle with its ‘sleeper’ berth?

A scene from the beach road.

The world is my studio

Street photgrapher
‘Yaadum studio, yaavarum keeleer’

For a committed street photographer, the whole world is a studio.

From The Chennai Photowalk #100.

26th June 2016

GPS Co-ordinates: 13°3’35” N 80°16’57” E


Bird feeding

Feeding the birds on Marina beach
Feeding the birds on Marina beach

Feeding birds is a regular habit for many people, especially Jains and some Hindus. They may do it for good karma or just for the love of it. In some residential areas,the neighbours may not quite welcome the birds. So, some bird lovers are regular at the Marina. In fact, they even control the movement of others so that the birds are not disturbed.

Alone in a crowd

Alone in a crowd
Alone in a crowd

The marina near the Triumph of Labour statue is usually busy, especially on a Sunday morning. In this crowd, this man prefers the solitude of the subway. Wonder, what he is thinking!

Another Face

Toy vendor
Toy vendor

This man was selling toys near the Triumph of Labour statue on the Marina. His blank and distant look was noticeable.

The Chennai Photowalk #100: Statues of Marina