TN Bus strike and the passengers

TN Bus strike and passengers
Damocles’ sword over TN Bus passengers

As the strike by the employees of the monopolistic TN Transport service enters the 4th day, there appears to be no relief for the passengers. This bus shelter in Luz, Mylapore has a prominent poster of a shaving razor (announcing a new eponymous Tamil film).

It seems to indicate the fate of the passengers.

The Chennai Photowalk; Sundaram Finance Mylapore Festival 2018


No Helmet. Only a Halo

Panned shot of a bike
Panned shot of a bike

Panned shot of a family riding a motorcycle without a helmet. A very common sight in Chennai.

The unintended light flare above the head of the riders looks like a halo. Maybe indicates the effect of helmetless travel and overloading.

Chennai’s pride

Royal Enfield
Royal Enfield

I have been photographing Harley Davidson bikes and HOGs when I travel abroad.    Then it dawned on me, why not photograph Royal Enfield, a brand  from Madras which has been resurrected from near oblivion and now attaining a cult status.

This image is from a showroom in Adyar. Elsewhere, I have images of the bike in Himachal Pradesh, (Dalhousie and McLeod Ganj), Mussoorie and other locales.

Special Vehicle

Special purpose vehicle
Special purpose vehicle

This physically challenged sadhu had a specially designed three-wheeler to take him round Villivakkam



Multi-Modal Transport

Priest on a scooter
Priest on a scooter. Village Road, Nungambakkam

Multi-modal transportation or ‘madi’ modal transportation? An early morning scene from the busy Village Road (Valluvarkottam High Road) Nungambakkam.

Driver devotee

Driver devotee
Driver devotee

Still on the subject of autorickshaws. This is Vijayakumar, an autorickshaw driver from Harrington Road.

A smile and a ‘Swami saranam’ established the rapport and he willingly posed and said that he was going to ‘malai’ next month.