At the Dharmeswara Temple, Manimangalam. The temple was built by the Cholas, but the village has an older history. This was the theatre of war between Badami Chalukyas and Pallavas led by Narasimhavarman I. This is also one of the Chaturvedimangalams.
Lord Shiva is worshipped here as Dharmeswarar. Goddess is Vedhambikai.
ASI is maintaining this temple. I first visited the temple in 2007. There is some improvement ow but it is offset by a new structure in bright blue roll-formed steel sheets in the outer prakaram. Definitely an eyesore. Villagers also freely graze cattle on the premises.
One of the cows grazing and the vimanam formed a nice reflection on a puddle.
See full screen (rotate, if you wish to)


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