Saloon Again

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Hair cutting salon in Saidapet
Hair cutting salon in Saidapet

In my series on salons, this one is one of my favorite images.

A salon on Bazaar Road, Saidapet (M.A.R. Menz Salon)

I was also amazed by the intuitive power of Google Maps.  I had uploaded some photos from the Saidapet Photowalk on to Google Photos and geotagged an image manually as my DSLR does not have GPS. Google automatically suggested the correct location for this image even though it was a good 300 metres from the tagged image.


2 thoughts on “Saloon Again

  1. “Salon” and “Saloon” bring different imageries. Saloon brings to mind, the swinging half-door with a peacock design, the mirror lined walls,pictures of gods and leaders, creaking fan, clutter of magazines, an old barber with many stories and strong opinions, mixed fragrance of Himalaya Bouquet, Dettol, and cologne. Get it?


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