Green Prince

Banana Leaf Vendor
Banana Leaf Vendor

In South Indian traditional homes and during festival feasts, the meal is served on banana leaves. Banana leaf is highly eco-friendly as it can be easily produced and composted after use.

South Inda has a very healthy supply chain for the banana leaf right from production to the dining table. Disposal may not be organized but adequate.

A young shopkeeper of a banana leaf stall in the old Kotwal Chavadi relaxes before a busy day ahead.


10 thoughts on “Green Prince

  1. Loved eating on these leaves in India.
    When South Africans do special occasions and the theme is “Keeping it Indian”, then the leaves are sought and used. What a beautiful sight of simpler and healthier times.

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  2. This is a picture of much significance in the present deteriorating environments. It conveys a message. And if the tradition spreads, it will have quite an impact in saving our environment as it would stimulate other such practices. Your sharing of the picture is a contribution toward environmental awakening.

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    • Thank you very much. Glad you appreciate the deeper significance of the post. We do have a traditional supply chain for such leaves. If we can have organized supply lines like Farmers Markets etc. the farmers can benefit and it will be sustainable.

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