Traditional Upcycler

Eyyamma - the upcycler
Eyyamma – the upcycler

Green products, upcycling etc may appear as modern concepts. But such concepts were widely put to use in our society, albeit in a less organized way.

Take the coconut palm for example. Every part of it is put to good use, such that there is hardly any wastage. The kernel is used in cooking and for oil. The water for drinking. The shell for charcoal and for utensils and handicraft items. The fibre for making ropes, mats etc as well as scrub pads. The trunk for construction and other structural works. The fronds are used for roof and facia thatchings. The stalk of the fronds are used as brooms and the leaves are used for making toys, mats etc.

Here, Eyyamma is making brooms out of a coconut palm frond in Adyar.



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