Prayers at the Door

Prayers can open doors. A devotee at the Kasi Viswanathar koil in Ayanavaram, also known as Brahma puri.


3 thoughts on “Prayers at the Door

  1. திருமறைக்காட்டில் அப்பர் தேவாரம் பாடியவுடன் தாள்கதவம் திறக்க திருஞானசம்பந்தர் மற்றொரு தேவாரம் பாடியவுடன் தாள்கதவம் மூடியதாம். புகைப்படம் இந்த நிகழ்வை நினைவுறுத்தியது.


  2. Prayers have lost its value in the thoughts of man. He might be having a problem and is now seeking god, but do prayers open a door? One day some twenty years ago, I went to Syria, a country which I never knew before. And there is a mountain with a door. And the story is told that there was a muslim girl who did not want to live life as a muslim. She ran away to the mountain and she prayed god to help her, a door opened in the mountain and she went in and the door shut and the girl never returned and the door has never opened since then. And the door still shows on the mountain today. Whether this story is true, who knows, but this is how the Syrian tells the story of the door in the mountain, I suppose, I believe it must be written in their history.

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