Funny Signs

Funny signs Chennai
Funny signs Chennai

Human trafficking?

A sign posted on an electrical junction box (RMU)  in Adyar.

A common sight.


4 thoughts on “Funny Signs

  1. If they are doing human trafficking, the number is enough for justice to know who they are. Since human trafficking is no justice, and people are arrested if known to be doing such act, why or how come they are exposing numbers in public like this? Are they allowed? Is there someone in high government’s chair behind this kind of act? I find it strange they are not hiding themselves. It is indeed very smelly there is some kind of hopes behind it. so sad a world!

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  2. No. No. It is just a joke. The sign is advertising rented Accommodation for boys and & girls. In India, ‘To let” is generally understood to mean ‘room/house available for rent’ but to the uninitiated in Indian English, it could mean something else.


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