Mylapore Festival begins

Another view of Kapaleeswarar temple, Mylapore
Another view of Kapaleeswarar temple, Mylapore

The Mylapore Festival is on. The mandap in front of the temple was open and one could have a different view of the gopuram through the vaahanam cart placed there. The pillars in the mandapam had several figures carved on them.

For the Sundaram Finance Mylapore Festival 2018 details. click here. 


2 thoughts on “Mylapore Festival begins

  1. EXCELLENT PROJECT. IT has been a long time coming. It’s execution is key. For example ina remote region in Papua New Guinea they started a festival called the Ambunti crocodile festival 10 years ago to highlight the local tribes being lost to modernity and is now an international event.
    I hope this festival can do that too. In fact it should attract Indians from other parts of the country

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  2. Nice to hear about the PNG festival. The Mylapore Festival is a private initiative and has achieved some level of traction in the last 10-15 years it has been in existence with good participation from the locals. However, I do not think it has generated any interest at the national level.


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