Chennai Eyesores


In Chennai, whichever way you turn you can see banners, posters, cutouts and flex boards. They may be from political parties, cinemas, temples, evangelists, training centres or sex clinics. These are not only eyesores but also hindrance or distractions for the citizens. Somehow, we have been tolerating the situation due to our indifference or helplessness.

Occasionally, there will be initiatives by NGOs or by individuals through the court (as in the present case), but none of these have had sustained impact on the outcome.  What can be done?

During my recent trip to Odisha, I was pleasantly surprised to see most of the public walls were covered with tastefully painted themes, both in capital Bhubaneswar and in the pilgrim town of Puri. If a state like odisha can do it why not Tamil Nadu?

A wall in Puri, Odisha
A wall in Bhubaneswar



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