Unpaired and Discarded – What is your story?

single shoe
single shoe

From a children’s play area in Independence Day Park, Nungambakkam

What could be the story behind? Let your imagination run free.

Why did the child remove the shoe before entering the play area? Many Indians consider footwear as an impediment – not as protection for the feet.

Was the other of the pair lost or only misplaced? Was the child under the care of the mother or the father who was distracted by that woman in the tracksuit?

What was the reaction of the mother/father /parents when they found the that the shoe was lost? Was the child upbraided or the spouse or both?

Though this is a child’s shoe, there is a message for senior citizens like me. When the spouse is no more, the chance of complete isolation is more likely.

I am sure other storytellers can come up with absorbing stories. Try.





2 thoughts on “Unpaired and Discarded – What is your story?

  1. Yeah agree 100%.Very scary when you think of a senior citizen to manage things all alone without the better half.Well said through your photograph.Thank you for this wonderful thought provoking but frightening situation.

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  2. in the 1960s i used to play here.There was an AIR radio in the center and every evening at 6:00 the news used to be broadcast. The gardener used to open a small 4 side windowed room for the news and music to blare out. My dad used to sit there to listen to the news with us playing in that park. It was a little haven.

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