Car for wedding procession


Car for wedding procession
Car for wedding procession

If it is baraat in North India, it is Maapillai Azhaippu in Tamil Nadu. The bridegroom is taken round the streets in a  decorated vehicle. There are specialists who provide customised cars for this purpose. Usually, these are very old cars (many are  Heralds, some are even Dodges and Studebakers) which are not fit for normal use.

This car was in front of a mandapam in Washermanpet. It looked like a Herald which had undergone a major body transplant. Just opposite to this mandapam was the garage of a contractor who supplies such vehicles for weddings and movies.



4 thoughts on “Car for wedding procession

  1. Having lived on Walltax road exactly opposite to Elephant gate police station, I have witnessed thousands of weddings. Yes, old dodges, Fords, Stdebeckers , and later on Heralds, were a Must Have for Mapilai Alzaippu.
    Thanks for bringing back 50 60 year old memories.

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