Old House

Old house in Shenoy Nagar
Old house in Shenoy Nagar

Though not old enough to get a heritage tag, this house in Pulla Reddy Avenue, Shenoy Nagar stands out amidst the overall development of multi-storey concrete structures.

How long will it hold against the onslaught, I am not sure.

The Chennai Photowalk #112



5 thoughts on “Old House

  1. Yes, Anna Nagar came up after the World Trade Fair in 1968 when I was in final year of Engineering. Shenoy Nagar itself was considered an extension of Aminjikkarai. Are you from Shenoy Nagar?


  2. Is the house for sale? Why did they leave this building to become old like this? Who are the owners of this home? are they still alive?


  3. Not sure. Such houses are often sold to ‘developers’ who pull them down and build modern monstrosities. In many cases, it is difficult for the original owners to maintain the old houses or the opportunity costs are high.


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