Moringa – the wonder plant

Muringakkai swamyMuringakkai swamy

Our grandmothers knew the health benefits  of Moringa (the humble Muringai, in the form of kai or keerai). It is no wonder that recently it has climbed high on the ranks of wonder plants listed by the Western experts.

Here the muringakkai seems to be twice blessed by being sold by an ‘ayyappa swamy’. He says the moringa comes every day from Tirunelveli to the old Kothwal chavadi (Malaya Perumal street) to be sold to retailers.

Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk, Chennai, 1st Oct 2016. 


2 thoughts on “Moringa – the wonder plant

  1. Great photograph. Let us make sure that the Ayyappas don’t start a Murungaiappan cult, wearing green dhotis and defiling our already strained/stained Hinduism.

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