Health conscious?

On the cart of a tender coconut vendor
On the cart of a tender coconut vendor

A tender coconut vendor in Mylapore had this sign on his cart.[“As far as possible drink tender coconut without the straw. That is good for health”]

Is he being health and environment conscious or just trying to save a few paise?

I have also seen signs on tea kiosks, refusing to supply extra plastic cups. Same reason?

iPhone 5, RK Mutt Road (old Brodies Road), Mylapore


2 thoughts on “Health conscious?

  1. Interesting shot.Thought process is good for both economical reasons and also reminder of the damage to the environment .One request ,since the display is in tamil, translation to English makes reading a pleasure to readers from other parts of the world ,since your post reaches millions.Just a suggestion.My apologies if I am crossing the limits.Enjoyed the photograph.Thank you


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