More Faces from Chennai

Temple caretaker in Perambur
Temple caretaker in Perambur

This woman along and another man were the caretakers of  a wayside shrine (Yogasana pillayar) in Perambur. While the man was volunteering information about the temple and posing for photographs, this woman was peeping from behind a pillar.

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2 thoughts on “More Faces from Chennai

  1. Lovely shot of the lady, appears to be a bit shy.The shot is very sharp and the expression is hypnotising. Did you use long focal length lens or just use basic standard portrait lens ? Either way love the shot

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    • Thank you. Yes she was shy and was hiding while her partner was posing for us and conversing. I had to take a quick snap when she peeped out. I thought the lines and expressions are accentuated in monochrome. The 18-200 lens is ideal for such situations though it is not very powerful.


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