Ice House

Ice House - Vivekanandar Illam
Ice House – Vivekanandar Illam

The iconic structure on the marina derives its name from the fact that imported ice used to be stored here.

Swami Vivekananda stayed here on his return from the famous Chicago address.

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Paper Mart or All-in-One?

Paper mart or all-in-one

This shop, like many others in Chennai calls itself a Paper Mart. It stocks and sells many items like snacks, fast foods, juice, cooldrinks, bakery products and much more. It even has a public telephone. You may remember my post about Kalathi Newsmart which is famous for its Rose Milk.

I was wondering if it really sells newspapers. A closer zoom confirmed that it really does.

Seven Wells, George Town.


Ornate grill

Ornate balcony grill
Ornate balcony grill

The ornamental balcony grill is from an old building on Broadway. I can discern winged animals, birds and flower designs. Most probably this was made from cast metal and would have cost a lot of material and time.

This was a common trend then. These were replaced by fabricated steel grills of various designs.Since these were cheaper, they became very popular. Then the trend was towards simple straight verticals. Now, I notice that most new buildings have horizontal members on gates and balconies.

Guess what will be the next trend!