Ashta Lakshmi

Ashtalakshmi on a hundi
Ashtalakshmi on a hundi

The Gajalakshmi emblem and the heavy hinge are from a steel hundi (undiyal) in a temple. The picture of the full hundi with the handle, keyhole, lock, etc. is given below.Why this garish yellow colour, I do not know.

Gajalakshmi is part of the octet of the Ashtalakshmis – the eight manifestations of goddess Lakshmi. Let me try to list them from memory.

1.Adi Lakshmi or Maha Lakshmi

2. Dhana Lakshmi

3.Dhanya Lakshmi

4. Gaja Lakshmi

5. Vijaya Lakshmi

6. Veera Lakshmi

7. Santana Lakshmi

8. Vidya Lakshmi






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