World Music Day

Sargam Choir of Dr.Sudha Raja at the Marina
Sudha Raghunath and Dr Ganesh at Nageswara Rao Park
Sudha Raghunath and Dr Ganesh at Nageswara Rao Park
Mr Natraj MLA, and Sudha Raghunath at the inauguration

June 21st was World Music Day.

The World Music Day was first celebrated in 1982. The intention was to encourage people to take up music which knows no barriers.

This year it was celebrated in over 700 cities including Chennai. It was inaugurated at the Marina by Mylapore MLA, Mr Natraj and Sudha Raghunath . Dr.Sudha Raja’s Sargam choir made an impressive presentation.

The choir moved to Nageswarar Rao park for another performance followed by naama sankirtanam by Dr. Ganesh and party along with Sudha Raghunath and Shashi Kiran.

Several other programs were scheduled for the day by Carnatica and Samudhaaya Foundation at different centers including, Padma Seshadri School, MGR_Janaki College, Avvai Home, Mylapore Fine Arts etc.

Thumbs up to the organisers and the enthusiastic performers.


One thought on “World Music Day

  1. Lovely pictures. Rightly said, thumbs up to the organisers. Good initiative! We should continual cultural events in the Besant Nagar and Marina Beach.


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