The artist and the canvas

Barber at work
Barber at work

Yet another barber at work, somewhere near Seven Wells, Chennai. Somehow, his work reminded me of an artist working on his canvas.

The barber shop, called Saloon in the South, is a great place for social interaction and for browsing magazines which may be taboo at home.

Browsing the net, I came across this article from The Hindu about some old and popular saloons on Chennai:

I am not familiar with any of the five saloons mentioned in The Hindu article.For several years, I used to patronize Sadasivan’s saloon on Llyod’s Road. Sadasivan was a veteran who had  a fund of information on film and political personalities. In the later years, his reluctant son was inducted into the business. The son’s attitude to this profession was ambivalent and he concentrated more on  being a florist. Now, driving past that road, I see that the florist stall has disappeared and the salon has a modern look and name. Perhaps, the son has embraced the father’s business wholeheartedly with a modern twist or has sold out.



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