Are Mini “Giant” Wheels safe?

Giant wheel drives
Giant wheel drives

You will find the mini “giant” wheels (if I can call them that) wherever children congregate – beaches, exhibitions, playgrounds, and festivals.

The recent fatal accident in an amusement park near Chennai brought to focus the safety aspects of these devices. Click here for news

The mini ones, though  crudely fabricated, (see the drive mechanism above) are small and are manually  operated. Let us hope they are safer than the motor driven ones. Yet, one has to look out protruding rods and plates and exposed gears to avoid injury.


3 thoughts on “Are Mini “Giant” Wheels safe?

  1. I think they are pretty much safer than our amusement park rides. I never have heard a mini giant wheel accident.


      • Yep, that’s true. Even if something happens, nothing that much wrong can happen. Small cuts and bruises possible.


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