Print media circulation grows

Newspaper vendor
Newspaper vendor in Triplicane

The newspaper is very much part of one’s life in Chennai.The Hindu and filter coffee are inseparables. (Well almost. Recently I have switched to another daily.) One can not also forget the newspaper boys who go about their job like clockwork even during the Chennai floods.

I was happy to note from an Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) press release (click here) the Indian print media has been growing in circulation at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5 % over the last 7-8 years.This is remarkable considering that all over the world print circulation has been shrinking with the onslaught of the electronic media.India must be unique in this respect.

Basket full of newspaper
Basket full of newspaper

The Chennai-based, The Hindu has a circulation of 15.2 lacs during the half year July – Dec 2015 . a smart rise over the last six months. The Daily Thanthi leads in Tamil dailies with a 16.7 lacs circulation, almost the same as the previous half-year. More details from ABC site

ABC audits only the circulation – the number of copies paid for. Advertisers are more interested in readership, the measurement of which is more complicated.


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