Mahatmaji Seva Sangham

Mahatmaji Seva Sangam
Mahatmaji Seva Sangam

Walking around the Parthasarathy temple tank in Triplicane, I was attracted by an old building with an emblem of Gandhi (the real one!) with his signature walking stick and the caption ‘Mahatmaji Seva Sangam’. A quick search on the web gave the background and history of this sangam.

Grieved by the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, Kothainayaki, a nationalist, Gandhian, and author  started this sangam in 1948 to propagate the ideals of Gandhiji especially among women. She bought this building for the Sangam by borrowing from various sources.

It was inaugurated by Rajaji, and the first president was C.Saraswathi Bai, the famous harikatha exponent. It held various classes and cultural programs for women and it helped bring out more conservative women into the national mainstream.

Kothainayaki was able to repay the loans taken for buying  the building by her hard work and by ‘the grace of Perumaal’.

For more information:

North Tank Square Street, Triplicane.



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