The rot in the Indian healthcare system

Threesome worried about healthcare.
Threesome worried about healthcare.

Last week, the Times of India carried an article on the Rot in India’s Medical Sector.

It talks about a book by two doctors who have done extensive work to unearth the nexus between hospitals,  diagnostic labs, pharma companies, and doctors.

Most of what the article says are known to  us. The question is what we can do about it?

Meanwhile, I saw these three men in front of a medical shop and diagnostic centre. To me,they seem to be worried about the state of healthcare in India. One is twirling his moustache in impotent defiance, the other looks obviously worried and the third seems to be complaining to somebody rather ineffectively.

From Photowalk Otteri 8th May 2016.

Coordinates: 13.097850, 80.253116





One thought on “The rot in the Indian healthcare system

  1. Sadly, there is a similar nexus over here in the USA also. Just last week, the Federal Government and the State of Oregon sued Olympus Corp of Japan for selling defective endoscopes via “incentives” to doctors. Olympus were fined $ 645 million, and a further $ 50 million had to be paid by them to the whistleblower under a powerful new whistleblower law. India could look at modeling it’s criminal laws on this new US law. Once a few judgments are delivered against these crooked companies, they will behave, as will the doctors and hospitals involved.

    The trick is to give a large enough reward to whistleblowers, so that wrongdoers are too scared to attempt anything fraudulent.


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