Mahalakshmi Talkies

Mahalakshmi Talkies, Perambur
Mahalakshmi Talkies, Perambur

After the Purasawalkam photowalk a month ago, I had posted  about the poster wars in which ‘Karnan’ was crowding out the latest ‘Jungle Book’ .Click here

During the photo walk this fortnight I could actually see the theatre where Karnan was being exhibited. The movie had moved from the newer cinemas to the old Mahalakshmi Talkies (yes, talkies) on Strahans Road, Perambur barracks (Pattalam).

I am amused that the term Talkies which was common during my college days is still in use.Some cinemas were always  referred as talkies (Kapali, Broadway, Murugan, Star, MahaLakshmi) while the newer ones were called cinema or theatre.

See Star Talkies blog: Click here for that story.

Did you know that while Raja Harischandra was the first silent Indian movie,  Alam Ara (1931) was the first Indian talkie? It was immediately followed by Kalidas in Tamil / Telugu.

The day may not be far when this cinema hall may also be pulled down.



2 thoughts on “Mahalakshmi Talkies

  1. Just a thought – I always thought that cinema meant the place meant to exhibit films – and so the use of the word hall following cinema would be redundant. Please verify.
    Also the word cinema is so terribly British – I have heard that word used here in the US – here it is always theater or movie/movie hall.


  2. You are right. Cinema would mean the art and craft of making a movie, the film industry or just the hall where movies are exhibited. In Indian languages cinema could also refer to the movie. Hence, my Indianism – ‘cinema hall’.After your feedback, I have dropped the ‘halls’. This is akin to tiffin and tiffin box (or carrier) Bombayites refer to the lunch container as tiffin, whereas for others tiffin is the light snack/ meal. (the content).Tiffin itself is of British – Indian origin.


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